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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code

Krakatau Project Manager (PM) is a high-level, graphical, metrics tool and source code
monitoring system designed for Project Managers and CMVC professionals.
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Krakatau PM offers single project and project comparison modes of operation.
In single Project mode many traditional metrics including Halstead and Cyclomatic complexity can be examined and reported on.
In Project comparison mode two versions of the same project can be compared and Krakatau PM will show the 'differences' in the metrics between releases and the 'changes' in source lines of code between projects. The 'changed lines' include CHG_SLOC, DEL_SLOC and ADD_SLOC. These 'changed lines' metrics are often called 'churn' or 'delta' SLOC and are widely required and applied by ClearCASE and other CMVC experts.
View this document for a simple illustration of the Changed, Added and Deleted SLOC metrics.
Krakatau Project Manager now allows Translation files to be associated with Krakatau projects, so that non-standard C/C++ code can be translated to parsable code.  A Translation file is created using a simple language, and then this file is to be specified within the Project Preferences.  Full details can be viewed in the Online Help.

The following metrics are available to Krakatau Project Manager:

C/C++ Metrics: Actual values

Java Metrics: Actual values

C/C++ Metrics: Changed

Java Metrics: Changed

C/C++ Metrics: Differences

Java Metrics: Differences

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