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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code

Essential Metrics is a command line metrics tool for C/C++ and Java software projects.
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Why use Essential Metrics?
Use Essential Metrics to:
  • To comply with software quality standards
  • Move towards CMM and ISO/ANSI approval
  • Collect and measure important source code parameters
  • Improve the support and quality of your source code
  • Document your Files, Classes, Methods and other symbols
  • Reduce maintenance overhead
  • Produce better source code - increase sales, reduce costs, protect your investment!
Who would use Essential Metrics?
  • Software Quality Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Software Testing Experts
  • Configuration Managers
  • Anyone interested in source code metrics
What about existing tools? Why would I buy Essential Metrics?
Buy Essential Metrics because:
  • Essential Metrics is a powerful, fully featured command line (batch) metrics tool
  • Essential Metrics is scalable to millions of lines of source
  • Essential Metrics utilises an SQL database engine
  • Essential Metrics measures all popular and important metrics
  • Essential Metrics has great reports including HTML and CSV
  • Essential Metrics is backed by Power Software
  • Essential Metrics is compact, easy to use and simple to integrate into your batch processes
  • Essential Metrics offers a low entry point and fully-featured FlexLM floating licenses
  • Essential Metrics can be upgraded to the advanced Krakatau range of graphical source code measurement including Krakatau Project Manager, the 'changed' SLOC tool

C/C++ Metrics: Line Counting metrics

Java Metrics: Line Counting metrics

C/C++ Metrics: Complexity metrics

Java Metrics: Complexity metrics

C/C++ Metrics: Halstead metrics

Java Metrics: Halstead metrics

C/C++ Metrics: Object-Oriented metrics

Java Metrics: Object-Oriented metrics

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