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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


Krakatau Lite is an entry-level, graphical, software metrics tool.

Krakatau Lite is specifically designed for projects new to software metrics or interested primarily in counting LOC related metrics.

Krakatau Lite is ideal for organizations required to count lines of code metrics for military or government contracts and also for adherence to ANSI/ISO and CMM quality standards.

Krakatau Lite counts lines of code, source lines of code, comment lines and semi-colon lines of code.  Krakatau Lite offers several other basic metrics such as Cyclomatic Complexity and Halstead Size metrics.  Krakatau Lite focuses on source code measurement at the Project and File level.

Krakatau Lite automatically loads in and scans C/C++ or Java code, calculates metrics and presents the results numerically and graphically. Graphs can be sorted by ascending/descending values and also by metrics type.

Krakatau Lite outputs reports in the popular CDF and HTML formats.

Krakatau Lite features the following essential metrics:

C/C++ Metrics

Java Metrics

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