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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code

Introducing Krakatau Essential PM, the latest addition to the Power Software range of professional software metrics tools.

KEPM/EPM is the product of choice for IBM Rational ClearCase Managers and Users/Groups who require to measure or monitor churn metrics, changed source lines or changed logical lines of source code.

KEPM is independent of version control systems; we have users on CVS, Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Server measuring SLOC & churn metrics.

Krakatau Essential PM and Essential Project Manager are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Power Software manufactures and supports the industry standard Krakatau Metrics range of professional software metrics tools.

Essential Project Manager exploits PowerSoftware.com's extensive experience of measuring changed, added and deleted SLOC. Available today for Ada, Assembly, ASP, C#, C/C++, IDL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PL/SQL, Python VB6/VB.NET/VBScript, VDHL & XML.

You can now customise EPM to match the various languages and file types used in your business; the new XML configuration achieves this quickly and easily.

EPM delivers essential metrics for single projects and difference and changed metrics across various versions of your source code projects.

View Sample Changed Metrics screens and output.

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25 Nov 2023 Krakatau EPM has been delivering for our customers for 15 years!

23 Oct 2019 Krakatau EPM chosen by defence contractor to improve mission critical code integrity.

15 Mar 2018 World’s number one microprocessor manufacturer chooses Krakatau EPM for source code parsing of major multi-language projects.

01 Aug 2016 World’s leading aerospace company deploys Krakatau EPM for all global projects.

16 Sep 2013 Krakatau EPM released with Windows 8 support and bugfixes.

08 Jul 2011 Krakatau EPM released with new language support.

05 Mar 2010 Krakatau EPM released with Windows 7 support and the new Results Browser - check it out!.

22 Aug 2009 New languages - CSS, Ruby & Windows Batch - added to Essential PM and Krakatau EPM

27 Jul 2009 New languages - Fortran, ShellScript & Textfile - added to Essential PM and Krakatau EPM

14 Apr 2008 Krakatau Professional (C++) version 2.11.004 released, correcting CBO, SEI MI and LCOM metrics.

28 Jul 2007 VHDL language support introduced to Essential PM 1.15.001 and Krakatau EPM 1.07.001.

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Essential Metrics is a command line metrics tool that combines ease of use with advanced reporting facilities. CSV, HTML and XML reports are all available in a single command line metrics tool.

Prices start from just 495 per seat!

There is an increasing need to monitor and control how your project is changing.

Krakatau Project Manager compares two versions of your source code and calculates the number of changed, added and deleted source lines of code. It also reports on the differences in metrics between these two versions.

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